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I forgot to mention a contest I have going right now on my website: .There are still some prints left for anyone out there that wants one!

Contest #1: "To Be The Man, You've Gotta' Tweet the Man" -King Crown Jr.

I have 10 Signed King Crown Jr. Prints & SPKO Wrist Bracelets for 10 "tweet-happy" winners. Here's all you have to do to get one for your comic collection!

1) Follow me on Twitter: @JarrettWilliams
2) Tweet me a picture of you holding a copy of SPKO #2!: Chaos in the Cage!
3) and include the hashtags #SuperProKO2 #KingCrownSux
4) I'll send you a line for your mailing address if you're one of the 10 that appear in my Mentions first!

*Only one King Crown Jr. Print/SPKO Bracelet per person.
*I'll probably include the best pictures in a future post.
*Contest runs until all 10 prints are out!!!

Sorry for not posting it here sooner!

Besides that everything's golden. I'm really riding the book release train. I'm doing a signing in Savannah on Wednesday from 4-7pm. Then I'll be in Hollywood, CA in two weeks for another. First off, I've never been to Hollywood Land but it's perfectly timed. I have a couple scenes there for SPKO 3 so I'm getting as much reference as possible. I really can't wait. Though I'm not looking forward to the traffic I can't wait to try some of the food.

On a sidebar, I used this new photo blue pencil this morning that blue my mind a bit. Professor Ray Goto had it. You could erase it super easy compared to most non-photo blue brands. And apparently, inks don't bead up on top of it. It will be released to the world in all it's glory in a year and it's by some Swiss company. I wanted to steal it so bad!

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Silence is pure bliss tonight.
  • Reading: Sailor V vol. 1
...I'm never on here. It is a little sad actually.

I'm feeling on top of the world these days though. I'm been hitting the road to promote Super Pro K.O. I've been fortunate to see a lot of my friends in San Diego and New York. I think one of my favorite parts of drawing comics is getting a chance to leave my studio/dungeon and actually meet people. It's weird because I know a lot of artist who hate that side of the industry. It also gives me a chance to draw doodles of people for future fans in the the SPKO crowd. I'll be going to Hollywood in a couple of weeks and should have some signings set up in a few comic shops out there. In the meantime, I have to find some cool things to do out there. Dance time!

In fact, mad props to all the other comic artists who juggle the work and keep their pages up to date. Clearly, you've figured out something I haven't been able to :D

I need to explore this place a bit and see all the stuff I've missed. And it looks like I have 5,744 devWatch messages. ridiculous. I'll be posting some new art soon.

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So after years it feels like, my book Super Pro K.O.! #1 is finally coming out this summer from Oni Press! Save the date, July 7th, 2010. It's been a whirlwind experience. In fact, just finishing something on this epic of a scale has taught me so much. But I'm really thankful that all of my experiences in the world of web-comics have prepared me for this. I can't complain at all. Well, I could, but who cares. I'm just definitely soaking it all in.

It's still weird to know that as I sit working on volume 2 of SPKO, the world will just be seeing vol. 1. It's crazy :P And it's been a dream of mine to attend San Diego Comic Con with a book and that's all finally happening.

I had my first SPKO Interview with the Robot 6 Blog over here:… talked about a lot of my experiences leading to finally breaking into the comic industry. All 7-8 years actually.

And Oni's been cool enough to post a 27 page preview over here:…;

And all this just before Mario Galaxy 2 gets set to drop! :D It's just too much.

Outside of the comic thing, life's been pretty chillastic. My friend Rashad Doucet aka. Kross 29 ( has recently submitted a comic for Zuda with artist Chris Mullins. Rashad and I have  been friends for awhile now and he was big part of me getting out of my shell and showing my work around more. It's cool to see us all breaking into the comic game at the same time. And if we're not drawing comics, we're watching trailers for the next season of MTV's The Hills  and laughing hysterically. It's a pretty odd friendship indeed :D He just hooked me up with the 5 Disc FF13 Soundtrack, and for that, I'm forever grateful.

You can vote for Rashad's comic, Stereophonic Ninja Boy here:

But that's all for now. I'm sure the next couple of months will be chock full with all sorts of comic goodness. I'm currently working on a lot of SPKO surprises so check back for updates soon!



BTW. I've been on twitter a lot more than here the past couple months so if you're into that kinda' thing , follow me here:
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So where do I begin.

This has been the wildest year in recent memory.

First off Happy Holidays! I've spent mine bouncing between Texas and Louisiana. I'm in Houston now getting set for a pretty chill week with my family before New Years. I won't be in Savannah until mid Jan. almost and I plan to enjoy life at home. I'm only ever really here once a year and I def. am missing it more as I get older. I saw Avatar with them a day ago and loved the hell out of it! I had no clue what I was walking into which made it even better. Same for Paranormal Activity. It had it's stupid cliches but I thought it was a genuinely thrilling movie. I've had a chance to progress through Mario Bros. Wii and get caught up on all my game addictions. Life's been cool. But enough of the bogus (sitting on my ass stuff). Here's what's really up guys.....

I finally landed my first book deal for Super Pro K.O!!!!!! Talk about a long ride. I pitched it as a series and the first volume will come out in stores next year. It's so cool to see things finally start moving uphill. As many of you know, I've been self publishing for over 5 years prior to this point, and I'm definitely ready to move into some new terrain. The first book is thick. Like...chunky. But it'll def. be bang for the reader's book. And it's a solid foundation to what I hope is the hypest original graphic novel series out there.

I'm not at liberty to say who putting Super Pro K.O! out just yet or when its coming but you should hear about the details in the next couple of months. I'm really trying to play my cards right and not put too much out there without the publisher giving the green light. For that reason, I took down all of the SPKO work I had up here. In fact, all that was on DA didn't even make the final cut of the book! I'll be breaking down that whole experience of editing the project, the highs and lows, (all the juicy stuff) in the next couple of posts here and various other places. I'll say this, as much as I thought I was prepared, the deadlines, the all-nighters, they took their toll like I never expected. School could only prep for so much. The reality is, this field is hard. And my love for drawing was tested the past 2 months in particular when I realized I just wasn't taking care of myself health-wise. And I'm starting to see that's the norm among most comic pros.

Speaking of which, I've had the pleasure of hanging out with a lot of great artists and editors this year. I'm learning the industry is not only super small but super difficult to break into because of it. I found myself traveling to over 10 conventions and hitting up the offices of several publishers this year. And just now, things are moving forward. Oddly, I know it's just the beginning. The number of new cartoonists are in the dozens a year and many are here today and gone tomorrow. It's really a cut throat industry to break in and I know many of you can relate. But hopefully, I can keep everyone encouraged in their own journey's to get the gig. I truly feel that there's enough room for more kickass artists out there. A lot of my peeps here are also navigating this big comic bizz at the same time as me: like and and . They've kept me motivated many a long night:D

But enough blabbering. Thanks for all the "DA"ers that still watch me here despite my uber long hiatuses. Soon, I'll have a lot of new work up here that best reflects where Super Pro K.O is now and what other projects I've got going on. 2010's the year peeps! Let's rock the comic world!

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So, I know, its been a minute......

I've been super busy. I went to Wrestlemania 25 a week ago. It was a great time, Youtube Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker if you care. But it was the best reference for my comic. I got loads of crowds pics and clips. And more parking lot/arena reference than I ever expected to have. As you guys know, I've been working on my next project Super Pro K.O! and between that and my Lunar Boy webcomic, I'm rarely just cruising online like I used to. But, I'm 130 pages into S.P.K.O! (its 250 total), and I'm hoping to pick up the pace and have it done by July.

I ended up restarting the project in August, so a lot of the earlier pages I posted here won't be in the final book. It was a hard decision to start over but I think the end project is better for it. There's def. more of a coherent story outside of just the in-ring stuff. It's sort of a sports/indie comic now. Plus, a publishers interested in the book (more on that later) and I really felt the need to step my game up. I have to have a website up for the project soon, and I think i'll post the epilogue at launch.

And, if you check, Lunar Boy's is going through a bit of a change as of this page, . I reworked all of the designs of the characters a little and the world of LB is going to feel more like a video game. I figured that it was time to change the style a bit for my own sake. The wrestling pages are really coming along and I began feeling like Lunar Boy just wasn't representative of where I am now as an artist. So yeah, changes are on the way!

So sorry, if I haven't gotten back. I'm drawing around the clock, and deadlines are around the corner for some projects I'm doing. But I miss my DA posse....


Guest Comic I drew at my buds Kev's site:
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Here it goes, an update for your convenience :)

Tonight, me and my roommate through a house party. I was kinda in awe at alot of the cartoonists throughout the room. From indies to manga, it was pretty cool. I think we all were able to let loose a bit now that school's out.

But fixing up has been a bummer. Thus, I'm up in the A.M's cleaning up b.c I can't sleep when things are a mess. I'm a bit of a clean freak. no joke.

I'm heading home this weekend. I can't wait. I haven't been to Tx in a year. I'm pretty psyched up.

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Wow. I finally made it.

LB # 100 here .

Thanks for the mad support. I read all of the responses to my last journal post about unions and webcomics, etc. Thanks for responding. It def. helped me sort I would I need to be doing a bit better.

Super focus!

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I had a long talk about comics with some friends this weekend. We talked alot about comic unions. I think it goes without saying that the comic industry is a complex one with alot of room for improvement. Me and a bunch of fellow cartoonists recently talked about the possibilites of comic unions, and all sorts of crazy territory the industry has yet to go in. I've seen this topic discussed alot in other fields like the animation industry, etc. but I don't know if such a thing could ever successfully happen in comics.

I've wondered myself how things would be if artists had more control. I'm sure you're saying to yourself, artists already do. Well that's true and not true.

Jeff Smith, Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Dave Sim, and Terry Moore are all landmark figures in the comic world for their self-publishing successes. But there of hundreds of others who've strived for the same thing and haven't had as much luck.

The web has been the resource most of us have used to present our comics and such to the world free of publishers interference. It probably has introduced the most original ( and non-original)stories and I think its challenged most publishers views on what can and cannot sale. But lets be honest here. Webcomics are a viable source of income for a small select group of creators. I think that many of these same artists wonder about the longevity of their success. The web is still a enigma of a place. Things are hot one moment and "played-out" the next.I draw a webcomic, and love the genre to death, but I wonder about the future of the medium, and if webcomics are also responsible for the undervaluing of comics by the general public. Will we look back and wish we haven't been giving all of our stories out there for free? I hope not.

I know alot of webcomic artists trying desperately to break into the publishing world. The two (web and print) are entirely different beasts. And then there are the web artists who have no desire to even go the print route (which is totally okay too).

I've been navigating the web side more than the print side I think. But I totally think there's more long-term security if a publisher's involved. Maybe that's an old way of thinking but I'm just unsure.

I don't know. I'm just wondering about where the business is headed next and where we, the artists, fit into it.

Your thoughts?

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I'm currently building my new LB site. It's part of my final in a class to do so, so it should be up in the next 3. It's alot more streamlined and I'm pretty amped about it.

Besides that, I've been enjoying life for the moment. I'm super ready for thanksgiving. I haven't been home since Thanksgiving of last year. I can't wait.

I saw High School Musical 3 for the 2nd time this week. Now I know what you're thinking. WTF? Well, scratch it b/c that movie wasn't that great but it was a hell of alot of fun. Esp. seeing it with friends. give it a know you want to. :) And then we can place bets on which Disney star is going to crash downhill next after this movie. ( so evil)

I got to see Erica Reis-Curry today. you may know her from Sea Princess Azuri by TP. She's in town for the Comic Forum this weekend. It's so weird to see people you haven't seen in years (2 to be exact). She's married now and is in a whole different place in life. It's just weird ya'
know. It makes me feel like I've been in Savannah WAY too long. :)

But whatever...have a hyper-ass weekend peeps!

J!  Secret Rare Items and such....
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SO my power adapter for my roommates SNES arrived today! I figured I'd order it since he lost it somewhere at home. I spent sometime playing Power Rangers and Super Bomberman 2. Both pretty much whipped my ass. I heard Earthworm Jim just came out on VC, I had planned on buying that next so I'll probably just play it on Wii.

Besides that, I've been working solidly on Lunar Boy and Super Pro K.O! comics. The convention season is a couple months away but I'm already ahead looking forward to it. I'll be at MegaCon in Orlando somewhere in the Purple area so check me out if you're there. :)

There's a facebook group out there for any listeners of the SeqaLab podcast. It was started by one of our listeners, Chris C., and it's small and growing.

Anyway, Have a helluva Halloween! I'll be working early so I can have a hearty good time tomorrow night. (mwah hah hah :P ) All of you be safe and live it up!

Party like rockstars,

LB Land #99pg13:
Party Expansion
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So I'm in Atlanta for the SCAD Publishers Forum. It was an oddly long drive to get up here, but I think its b/c it was a pretty groggy day outside.

I updated my comic early before I left. Check it out friends.

I've been drawing lots of dragons and other fanciful beasts. I've wanted to incorporate more mystical creatures in for a long time. This is just the beginning. :>

I'm coming up with a convention schedule for next year. I wanted to know if any of you are going to any cons I'm not thinking of. I'll be at MegaCon, Fluke, HeroesCon, SPX, Otakon (maybe), AWA, and Ape(hopefully). Any others?

J willi!
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Hey All,

So first apologies to sort of falling of the map here. Life's been crazy as heck but I'm slowly sorting it all out. I have over 800+ deviations to sift through....thanks DA for the warm welcome back ;)

I had the pleasure to hang out with Scott Kurtz a couple nights ago. He was doing a speaking at SCAD on webcomics with Sheldon artist Dave Kellet (another awesome guy).

It was so surreal hanging with him. I know the 4-1-1 on the guy. I've heard things online. But to meet him , and his wife, and talk about the ins and outs of the business was awesome. He was really down to earth and super kind. It's crazy how warped the web can make someone seem.

Besides that, I've been living the dream in Savannah, I guess. The con season has ended for me (until MegaCon) so I'm prepping a bunch of stuff for that.

Oh, and I did go to SPX a while ago. I'll def. set up shop there next year. It was awesome. I got to meet Spike from Templar and Dirk Tiede of Paradigm Shift. Another set of down to earth people. I think its important I mention this b/c alot of the focus usually goes to the assholes in the industry instead of the nice ones.

I hope all is well with everyone here.

Oh and before I forget. Be sure to check out the SEQALab podcast. We've had some pretty awesome interviews with everyone from Jennie Breeden to Debbie Huey. If you're looking to make a nifty webcomic and such and need a good launching pad (and something fun to listen to while you work). Check it out:


J-Willi Style!
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So in the month I've been away from DA, alot more has happened.

I'm finally settled in my new place. I feel like I can draw comfortably. I've got the perfect studio setup here.

I went to a Flea Market Sunday and was so close to buying a SNES. Instead, I've decided to build up a sizeable collection first and then get the console. So far:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (10.00)
Illusions of Gaia (5.00) which seriously is a steal b/c that game is awesomely underrated. Even though its essentially a Zelda clone (logo and all), its alot of fun.

I've also ordered MegaMan X, Super Bomberman 2, and Killer Instinct today. Maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic....who knows. I spent a majority of the day playing Mega Man 8.....

I'm retweaking SPKO alot lately. But the story focuses more on Joe Somiano than the previous version which focused more on King Crown and the other wrestlers. I think I may focus on a different wrestler with each book....

And my redesign of the Lunar Boy website is going well. I can't wait to reveal it.

Jarrett W.

And in case anyone else is wondering what other games I'm getting, Final Fantasy 3, Chrono Trigger, and Earthworm Jim are already on the list. I have alot of VC stuff so I'm considering not repurchasing those.

DA is really weirding me out a bit with the new setup....or is it just me.. It's nice...just...weird.
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SO Comic Con was the shizzit. I bought some of the rarest books I could find (it became sort of an rpg-esque escapade for me). Plus I finally got my hands on 2 artists whose stuff I adore, Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie) and Debbie Huey (Bumper Boy). I met Stan Sakai and spoke with him for a bit about his brush techniques. He was the nicest fellow. But no joke, I was so tired by the 2nd day.

I did a bunch of portfolio reviews and got my stuff into everyone's hands from Antartic Press to Viz. I'm a bit surprised by the number of publishers really open to more manga/indie/hybrid styles. It's really cool to see the industry becoming more excepting.

I'm really happy of the reception of S.P.K.O by you guys. I'm building a website now but I just may make it a part of the new one I'm building for Lunar Boy too. Shopping it around to publishers has been kinda zany but the one I'm shooting for seems to be open to the idea. I can't say who just yet but I'm keeping my fingers really crossed. SUPER CROSSED!

And lately, I've been getting back into anime. Hamtaro's up next (the cuteness consumes me) but I've also watched the online hyped Loveless. I think I'm going to be watching Guache the Cellist tomorrow. My tastes are really all over the place.....

Oh! And I'm totally moving in 3 weeks to my bud Kevin's pad.  He draws a cool journal comic here
But moving's a pain nonetheless. But I look forward to being back in downtown Savannah, roaches and all :)

If you're into podcasting goodness, check out SeqaLab on ITunes. It's all about comic news and rumors and such. It gets pretty crazy, usually at my expense. But it's all in good fun.........

JW!  And Lunar Boy's adventure continues here!!
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So I'm officially going to be roaming the floors of San Diego in 2 weeks. I'm pretty psyched but also pretty overwhelmed by the thought of the place. From what I've heard, this may be its last year in Cali in favor of moving to Las Vegas. Either way, I'm hoping to meet alot of cool artists and vibe out on the westcoast. I've never been past Texas so I'm really anxious :P

Sorry, if I haven't been keeping up as much as I should on here. If you don't know, I've been doing this Summer Seminar thingie at SCAD. It's awesome b/c I get to T.A with a great professor and help high schoolers with their comics. But it means I'm at school from 7:30 am to 5 pm everyday. So let me get through this schedule for the next 3 weeks and I promise to get back on board here when I'm done. I'm just sleeping every moment I get.

Oh! And I was able to pick up Saint Seiya while I was adventuring in Charlotte Hereos Con 2 1/2 weeks ago. It's the 3rd arc I think but it is officially one of my FAVORITE series. It screams "old -school" and I loves it :) Its sad to see how it was butchered by localization with that Knights of bullcrap. Either way, whenever I have a moment, I'm catching up with Seiya, Hyoga, and the gang. I'm a big mythology nut so this series is my cup of tea. And there's something to be said for the hair on the guys in this show. epic!

I'm slowly building a buffer for Lunar Boy thanks to the discipline of a couple cool webcomic artists I know. I think I need a good month or 2 of lee-way time. But right now I'm a week ahead. That's a start right?

Catch LB's newest adventure here!

Oh! And before I forget, I've been doing a new podcast with my fellow sequential artists in Savannah. It's called SeqaLab and I think it might be entertaining for some of you needin' some background noise while you work into the wee-hours of the morning. You can find it on ITunes by searching for SeqaLab. And please forgive any obscenities I yell out during the show. My friends bring out the best in me.

And last I promise! Download this if you don't have it already. Girl Talk is the best thing since sliced bread and his new album just dropped. You can get it for free here:

You won't be sorry!

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Lunar Boy's had enough....

Things are getting a bit more tense in my comics. Hmmmm? Wonder what that's about? Maybe the wrasslin' stuff is to blame?

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So I'm getting ready for Heroes Con. I'm really psyched this year because I'll be in the Indie Island section. It should be a great spot to sell some wares and meet people really into the independent scene.

I spent most of today at the beach. The salty water, the scorching sun, it all makes for the perfect day in my book.

I'm trying to get ahead on my webcomic and get some sort of buffer going. I figured it would be smart for me to at least get a couple of weeks if not months ahead by the end of the summer. It;s just weird because I always fell like I work better under pressure and tight deadlines. I admire the other webcomic artist who are super far ahead. I just don't know how to approach it any different yet.

This week, I really tried to push my inking in LB. I want to get alot better at consistency and line weights. Hopefully, I can make LB even more polished.

SO until next time, I may be a bit distant getting convention stuff together for next week. Please don't be mad.

And thanks for all the kind feedback on the wrestling pages guys. Fans or not of the sport, I hope it finds an audience of its own.And I'll be pimping it HARD at Heroes.

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So my adventure around Toronto and the surrounding areas are complete. I was up there for a week. I really needed a vacation bad. I got to see the falls, the parks, the zoo, the museums, i could go on and on. Plus, I refused to bring any comic pages to force myself to stay still and enjoy the moment. I'm sure you all can relate to having ADD syndrome and I'm no exception. It's like its so hard to turn my mind off sometimes.

The coolest thing was walking into 4 or 5 comic shops and seeing pros and cons of each. Why do we wrap books up so that they can't be enjoyed? That peeves me so much. I understand that most businesses don't want people just reading books all day in the store but I know it turns me off.

I've decided that I'm going to get out at least once a year from now on. I wanted to stay in Toronto so bad. Coming back to Savannah is really weird for some reason. My gf really wants to live in Toronto and I'm considering hardcore now. In general, I really want to make it a point to get to Japan or Egypt next. I'm extremely curious about Australia too. Maybe I can go commit a crime just to see how  hardcore their prison system really is. Wait, this sounds like the beginning of a real bad yaoi scenario.

And has anyone else heard about Tokyopop splitting its company up? Is this just another bad internet rumor that I'm late on? I'm so out of the loop.....:P

Till next time!


A rare colored Lunar Boy and new comic here:
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Long time once again.
I've been swamped on the daily but I wanted to post some new work up here.
I've been sorta making the transition out of my day job to trying and do this ole' comic thing full time. But it's been rougher than I thought.
My wrestling comic has been the best thing for me as of late. And I've totally gotten back into figure drawing. It's made all the difference in my work.
Gaming wise, ive only watched Rocketshoes play Team Fortress 2. I haven't had much time to game but that might change if I pick up Mario Kart or the The World Ends with You Next Week.
I just watched Cloverfield for the first time since it come out 3  months ago. I love how quick it jumps into things. I think everyone's so critical of it but I loved it from beginning to end. But the ideas of sequels sorta' weirds me out.
But that's all for me, I'll be gettin' rid of alot of my old work in the gallery just because it's around that time.....

WIth love peeps,
Jarrett W.
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